Owning and operating a residential property portfolio is no longer as easy or as profitable as it once was. Onerous regulations, burdensome taxes and more demanding tenants can make for a pretty demanding workload. If you’re retiring, or simply a tiring landlord, we can certainly help.

There are many reasons why you may be selling your buy to let property, or portfolio of properties. In recent years Section 24 has had the biggest impact on landlords.

Section 24 was introduced in April 2017 and has gradually been phased in over the last few years. With the introduction of this new tax landlords will no longer be able to claim mortgage interest, or any other property finance, as tax deductible. Instead, rental profit will be taxed with a maximum deduction for finance costs of 20%, the basic tax rate, by 2021.

A lot of landlords believe this to be just another tax that won’t really impact their bottom line. For those landlords who own their property outright, with no mortgage, this change will not make any difference to the way they run their portfolio. However, for those landlords who have mortgages on their properties, they will see a big rise in their tax bill and a big chunk of their profits will likely go.

It is important to note that your income will be judged including the disallowed finance costs. This artificial increase in your income could in some cases push you into a higher rate tax bracket. Therefore, even base rate tax payers can be adversely affected.

Will Section 24 Affect Me?

If you have any kind of loan or mortgage interest on your buy to let property, then yes. If it is a large proportion of your costs, you will now start to pay tax on those costs, as well as your profit. Along with mortgage interest relief restriction, mortgage arrangement and broker fees will no longer be tax deductible. From April 2016, the wear and tear allowance for all landlords was scrapped. Previously, if a property was rented furnished, HMRC would allow you to offset 10% against your net income each year, regardless of whether you replaced any items. Now, this will only be allowed if you replace furniture like for like.

We can offer a guaranteed cash purchase for your property in a timescale that suits you. It could be a couple of weeks, or even just a few days. For landlords looking to sell off entire portfolios, large capital gains tax bills could await you. We are happy to work with you to structure the purchase of your properties in the most tax efficient manner.

Like you, every property is unique, so we’ll just need a few details before we can make you an offer.

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We are here to help you sell your house fast. We can offer a guaranteed cash purchase for your property in a timescale that suits you. It could be a couple of weeks, or even just a few days. You no longer have to pay estate agents fees and deal with the potential long delays of a traditional sale process. It is not uncommon for house sales and purchases to fall through due to broken chains or mortgages not being approved at the last minute.

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