Why Invest With Olivia Rose Estates?

Welcome Northampton property investors. As you are aware interest rates for savers are at historic lows. It is becoming more difficult to achieve acceptable returns on your capital. As investors ourselves, in the residential and commercial property space, we understand the need to deliver strong, risk managed returns. Many people view property as a more attractive investment proposition than traditional stocks and shares, or leaving their money in a bank savings account, often to depreciate over time. However, while property has seen continued growth over the last few decades, it requires time, effort, knowledge and skill.

By employing creative acquisition strategies, a bespoke design and development phase and comprehensive long term management solutions, we are able to offer unique investment opportunities to suit the needs of cash rich, but time poor investors.

If you want to earn great returns on your money, the opportunity to share in our success and invest alongside us in a co-living or serviced
accommodation project, please contact the team at Olivia Rose Estates today.

Bespoke Property Investment Solutions

Investment opportunities focussed around the South Midlands, including Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire.

A comprehensive turn-key solution for hands off investment.

Long term property and asset management.

Northampton Investor Guide

If you are considering investing in Northampton, download our free Northampton investor guide to see how we can help you make a significant return on your investment.