how to sell your home without the hassle

How to Sell Your Home Without the Hassle


Selling your home can be stressful. In fact, in general it’s more difficult to sell your home than it is to buy a new one. There are lots of reasons why you need to sell your home. Some people just want to change address and explore new areas. Others move for work or to be closer to family. And some may wish to sell due to inheritance, divorce, repossession, retirement, or downsizing. In this article we’ll cover how to sell your home easily and make it as stress-free as possible.

Count the cost

The traditional way of selling your home is to enlist with an estate agent. In good market conditions this will take 6 months of time to sell and, of course, the solicitor fees. You’ll also need to pay the cost of maintaining the home over that period including water costs, council tax, energy, and dozens of others. An increasing number of sellers are finding it easier to sell their home to a company which enables markedly faster completion. Whilst the offer is slightly less than that which might be achieved on the market, the difference is made up in the running and maintenance costs. Additionally, if the circumstances are particularly inconvenient and can produce a much more stress-free home move.

Use home moving technology

In addition to the sales process of your home you’ll also need to complete a lot of change of address admin. This starts by informing the council tax and water providers about your home move. Then, you’ll need to let the electoral register, HMRC, DWP, the NHS and many others that you’re changing address. Research shows that this can take around 7-9 hours to update your address. To solve this, you can use a change of address service which enables you to update your address with everyone at the same time. Alongside this, you can also use online comparison tools to book and organise other services such as removals, storage and even cleaners.

Create a plan

As the old adage goes: “not preparing is preparing to fail.” And this is especially true when it comes to selling your home. The to-do list can easily grow beyond management with so many things to manage. There are many ways to think about this, but most good plans of selling homes will run along these lines:

  • Decide how you’re going to sell it (traditionally or expedited via an online service)
  • Find the right online provider or estate agent & legal services
  • Create a to-do list of all activities required between now and house sale
  • Create a budgetary sheet detailing all expenses between now and estimated house sale
  • Maintain regular contact with all relevant parties. This is especially important as most businesses will be progressing dozens of cases simultaneously meaning your case can be delayed. By making regular contact you can shave weeks of your transaction. Better still, if you choose to sell with Olivia Rose Estates you will complete even faster!

How can I sell my house fast?

At Olivia Rose Estate we are here to help you sell your house fast.  We can offer a guaranteed cash purchase for your property in a timescale that suits you.  It could be a couple of weeks, or even just a few days.  You no longer have to pay estate agents fees and deal with the potential long delays of a traditional sale process.  It is not uncommon for house sales and purchases to fall through due to broken chains or mortgages not being approved at the last minute.

We will help guide you through the process of selling your home, whatever your reason for selling.  From the initial valuation to the final completion date, rest assured you are being guided by trusted property experts who are here to help you get the most out of your house sale and ensure you have a hassle-free experience.

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